The 30 Second Habit App is the latest offering in Lori Hill’s app boutique, Evome Apps.  A software professional with over ten years of experience in business applications development, Lori took a detour in her career where she explored a variety of interests and had many adventures along the way. She learned the Croatian language, did a lot of volunteering, had a couple small businesses and raised 3 great kids. Lori returned to software development in 2011 when she completed a certificate in iPhone and Cocoa Development at the University of Washington.

Lori adopted the 30 Second Habit as a discipline after reading Robyn Scott’s article on Medium.  Not being a pen and paper girl, Lori very soon began looking for an efficient way to capture and categorize 30 Second Posts on her iPhone.  Borrowing the well-received tagging system that she had developed for her MegaTunes Player app, the 30 Second Habit App was born.  It is Lori’s hope that the app will help others hurdle the obstacles that keep this amazing discipline from truly becoming a fulfilling habit.


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